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Welcome to Díseart, Dingle Co.Kerry

Díseart Institute of Irish Spirituality and Culture was founded in 1996 in the heart of Corca Dhuibhne - the Dingle Peninsula Gaeltacht (Irish speaking) and strives to promote research, courses and cultural activities in Irish Spirituality and Celtic Culture including theology, language, literature, art, laws, folklore, values, spirituality, history, music, archaeology and customs.

Third Level Courses

Díseart is one of the community initiatives for third-level accredited courses in the Gaeltacht and it is one of the Irish institutions offering courses to students to develop and strengthen Irish language, culture and traditions of the Gaeltacht region. Díseart offers  third level courses, including weekend and weekly classes to Certificate and Diploma level. All of the courses welcome students from Ireland and around the world to explore the scenery and experience the traditions of the Gaeltacht area of West Kerry (Corcaguiney), with field trips and visits to the Blasket Islands and Skellig Michil.

Rich Cultural Programme

Díseart has established a rich cultural program and provides facilities for the local community and visitors. This includes an artist-in-residence scheme and a number of exhibitions. Díseart's cultural program is punctuated by the celebration of the four ancient Celtic festivals: Imbolg (Lá 'le Bride), Bealtaine, Lúnasa and Samhain. These festivals bring together drama, storytelling, concerts, poetry readings, art exhibitions, liturgies, walks and pilgrimages, traditional crafts and music sessions.

Art & Poetry

Diseart has a special interest in beauty and art from the point of view of spirituality. It stresses the sixth way via pulchridudinis, the way of beauty. This means the development of the aesthetic sense. You are encouraged to view and enjoy the beauties of nature, which are striking in West Kerry. It encourages art and among the new works of art are the Nano Nagle Murals and the fresco in the former sisters cenaculum (dining room, Upper Room). In Italy, cenacolo is the name of the Last Supper fresco. The artist is Ella E Yates from Denver, Colorado, her main interest is spiritual and church art. She was educated in mural art in Philadelphia and fresco in Florence, Italy.

The art of poetry and creative literature is encouraged with a weekly workshop in the Díseart at 6.30pm to 8.30pm every Tuesday. Music is  encouraged. The Harry Clarke windows have already inspired the musical suit Lumina by Eoin Duignan. The publications of poetry from the workshop include, Duilleoga Draíochta, Mil na Ceardlainne and Criathar Meala.

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