Vintage Wireless Museum

Vintage Wireless Museum, Listowel
Some of the Equipment from the Wireless Museum Some of the Equipment from the Wireless Museum
The Museum was opened in 1986 to mark 50 years of Irish broadcasting. 1200 items are on display, there is an extensive collection of receivers, many of which are extremely rare. There is also an accompanying display of wireless paraphernalia: miniature crystal boxes, wireless trade signs, wet and dry batteries, and vintage wireless literature. There are impressive broadcasting valves from Radio and the BBC, and studio microphones from the 1930s and 1940s. The development of sound reproduction through the phonograph and gramophone is also part of the Museum’s presentation. Many of the vintage receivers have been restored by the proprietor, Eddie Moylan, and are in perfect working order. Please feel free to visit. Just let us know in advance to guarantee a proper welcome by emailing me at
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Vintage Wireless Museum
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