Mick Flannery

Date: 27th December 2017
Mick Flannery
The album ‘I Own You’, released in November 2016, entered the Irish Charts at #3. It features some of Mick’s finest material to date and includes the two previous singles ‘One of the Good Ones’ and the title track ‘I Own You’.

‘I Own You’ is an album that is more socially aware, less self-involved and contains a social commentary – something that Mick himself acknowledges ‘that was new to me, if a little scary, something different to my previous releases. One of the songs [One Of The Good Ones] was inspired by wealth inequality in capitalist societies; it was also informed by the Baltimore riots. I hoped the song would portray the anger felt by disenfranchised, powerless people. I was also listening to a lot of Kendrick Lamar, and for a long time it was just Christian Best [producer] and I in the studio – him on drums and me warbling – so the beat became more important than any guitar or piano parts, more hip-hop based, the reason it sounds a little bit more modern.”

“Mick Flannery is a singing and songwriting force to be reckoned with”
Siobhán Long, Irish Times