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Derrynane...well earned break after leaving Tralee early that morning. ©de Something borrowed. ©de The future of Cycling. ©de

Here we go.....a cycling blog. Probably nothing new here but it's something to get me moving again.

Last year was a fantastic year as regards cycling for myself. A year where I embraced long distance cycling and also completed a journey throughout my adopted county, visiting more or less every part of it from Tralee...well 59 towns and villages !Resting the bike in Sneem

The long distance bit saw myself and some like minded people complete 2 Audax challenges of 200 km through Audax Ireland, and then our home made 300 km Audax which took us to 6 Counties of Ireland in one day.

2013 started full of fire, with a ride every day in January of a minimum distance of 20 km. Some of those days were days that you wouldn't have put the cat out to do it's business....but once you get into the rhythm it's an interesting experience.

Since then the cycling has become a bit mundane. Any excuse not to get out in the week and just the Saturday morning club spin to keep the legs turning. So hopefully getting into a blog will change that and push me on to greater things on two wheels.

Beenarouke, Ring of Kerry Cycle, South Kerry

My adventures then on 2 wheels and on foot around this beautiful County and a little bit in some of the other 31.

My goals so far for this year are :

1 Cork to Galway in 3 days with a group of 60 friends from England.

2 300km, 6 counties of Munster in a day.

3. At least one stage of The Kingdom Alliance Sportive at the beginning of June. 

I also enjoy.... or more like give it a go with a Tuesday night walking group, where we climb a few of the mountain ranges from Tralee. Heading to the West and Mount  Brandon. Carrantuohill is usually the icing on the cake around mid-summer.


Push Bike Blogger