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Often copied never equalled; the Irish pub is replicated all over the world but none quite capture the authentic Irish experience as one finds in the pubs in Co. Kerry. Kerry pubs can almost be viewed as a natural rather than a manmade aspect of the vast Kerry landscape as they have been so engrained in the culture and lives of Kerry people for generations. From the most traditional pub, with sawdust scattered on the floor, to pubs serving the finest quality international inspired cuisine in the plushest of surroundings, and everything in-between; Kerry has them all. 

The best tourist information offices are often the local village pub.  You will find the locals who frequent these pubs have a genuine love and interest for the places they come from, they can advise you of places off the beaten track that no tourist information office may know about. And don’t be surprised if these people can trace your genealogy because no matter who you are or where you are from you can guarantee that one of the locals knows a cousin of yours!

The pub is a focal point of social interaction in Kerry, here is where you will hear all about the passions and interests, trials and tribulations and general goings on of the Kerry people.    One thing you will learn is that Kerry people love Gaelic football and during the summer months you can feel the pulse of the Kingdom emanating from the pubs because if they are not at the match the pub is more often than not the gathering place for the loyal supporters. 

Every pub has a different experience yet each is truly Irish in Character and charm.  Some pubs have stood the test of time while others have evolved with it and with almost five hundred pubs in Kerry you are sure to find one to suit you.

With music, good food, banter and an engaging atmosphere, characters that you will remember when you return home and good fun all being part and parcel of the Kerry pub experience, you will be left with a thirst for more.

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O' Sullivan's Court House Pub

The Mall , Dingle / Daingean Uí Chúis. Tel.: +353 (0) 66 9152853

  TRADITIONAL IRISH MUSIC 7 NIGHTS A WEEK   Open Singing Session Every Thursday at 9pm with Tommy O'Sullivan...

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Currans Bar

Main Street , Dingle. Tel.: +353 (0) 66 9151110

O' Flaherty's Bar

Bridge Street , Dingle. Tel.: +353 (0) 66 9151983
Anvil Bar
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Anvil Bar

Boolteens , Boolteens . Tel.: +353 (0) 66 9767137

The Anvil Bar, Restaurant & B&B is at the foot of the Slieve Mish Mountains, among the  rugged scenery of Kerry’s Dingle Peninsula. The Anvil is on the most...

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Adam's Bar and Restaurant

Main Street , Dingle. Tel.: +353 (0) 66 9152133
John Benny
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John Benny's Pub

Strand St , Dingle. Tel.: +353 (0) 66 9151215 Mob.: +353 (0) 86 3850012

Live Music and Great Food in the heart of Dingle Near the pier in Dingle, John Benny Moriarty's is a superb place to eat and be entertained.Your hosts, John &...

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Foxy John's

Main Street , Dingle. Tel.: +353 (0) 66 9151316

Droichead Beag

Main St , Dingle. Tel.: +353 (0) 66 9151723

The Marina Inn

Strand St , Dingle. Tel.: +353 (0) 66 9151660

Paul Geaney's Bar

Main St , Dingle. Tel.: +353 (0) 66 9151238
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