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Kerry Geopark


The communities of Sneem, Castlecove and Caherdaniel form the heart of the Kerry Geopark. The Geopark is a unique and outstanding landscape with major geological, ecological, archaeological, historical and cultural interests. The area is of international significance and is managed by the community.

The mountains are formed from Devonian sandstone or Old Red Sandstone age, some 400 million years old. The strata is over 3 miles thick and formed in a desert at a time when Ireland was south of the Equator. The rocks were thrust and moulded into an alpine mountain range; what you see today is the root of that mountain chain with all its contorted and faulted rocks. In more recent times (1 million to 10,000 years ago) the area was at the edge of the European ice sheet. The cooms or corries which form a spectacular part of the landscape were the location of glaciers that flowed and remoulded the landscape.

In the area you will see evidence of the desert times (Valentia Tetrapod Trackway, the red sandstones); mineralisation (Copper at Coad Mountain); Igneous rocks; the Glacial times (Cooms such as those on Coomacalee or Knocknagantee, glacially scored and scratched rocks, glacial moraines); the Post – Glacial times (The Kenmare River – a Ria or drowned river valley created by sea level rise when the ice melted).

The Geopark is indeed an area of unique and outstanding landscape.