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One of the most idyllic places in Ireland

Live Traditional Music

Kenmare's Live Traditional Music by John Meskell, Soundz of Music

Being a seasonal tourist town the traditional Irish Music scene in Kenmare is most active between the months of April-October,however, a couple of hardcore, die-hards just seem to be not able to get enough,you know who you are...

Regular sessions during the year are listed below.Some are late-nite,some are early-ish"dinner time sessions",some are "open" sessions ,ie,..you can join in, some are more formalized in the line up, however,if you listen for a while first, and think you'd like to join in for a couple of sets,just ask!! There will most likely not be a problem!!!

There are many venues with traditional Irish music during the summer but I am making this a list of "acoustic" sessions rather than amplified or stage performances.........

All information is intended as a guide only...please contact venues to confirm

P.F. Mc Carthys Bar/Restraunt,

Main st.Kenmare 353 064 6641516

...... in the summer months (june-sept) there are sessions here on Tue/Wed/Thurs from 7:00 - 9:00(evening meal times!!)the line up is usually at least three musicians,many are members of "Amergin" who feature on our "local musician's cd's"page, and sometimes Seán Garvey also listed on our website,other players who feature regularly are Aisling Irwin, a very talanted young harpist, and John Meskell, a local Banjoist who works in "Soundz of Muzic".There have been guest appearances from other fine Musicians including Hammy Hamilton(flute maker and player)Bríd Crannitch(fiddle)...also a very memorable session with the great Tommy Peoples

Casey's Bar & Restauraunt,Brook Lane Hotel Kenmare,353 64 6642077

Currently Kerry Fiddles  Chris & Gill are playing Tuesday and Thursday evening from 8.30 in the main bar/restauraunt during the summer months.This experienced duo have recently released their debut album(see our Local Musicians C.D.s page on this website) and will no doubt be playing tracks from that album while entertaining the Brook Lane's dinner guests.Great food, great music,what else is there?


Davitt's bar and restraunt

Henry st. Kenmare 353 64 6642741

This venue runs dinner-time sessions(7:00-9:00) during the summer months,usually fiddle and Banjo duo ,Noreen O'Shea & John Meskell, sometimes you can catch Damien de Barra performing  here also,a great performer of old time ballads and folk songs,accompanying himself on 5-string banjo.....staff are friendly and the food is very good.


Crowley's bar

Henry st. Kenmare

This is one of the few original "old-style" bars left in kenmare, it truly has not changed in the last 40 years or so and this is once what bars all over Ireland were like...Crowleys for many years has been a musical Mecca for trad musicians and is still going strong, it is one of the only venues that has a regular session year round ,mon/tue 9:30-11:30(except perhaps jan/feb!!)   Generally this is an open session and musicians are welcome to join in....also on wednesday nights is a relaxed singing session when some of the local lads bring thier guitars along and perform covers of songs from various musical genera .....This is a must-visit venue!!!!