Welcome to Kenmare

One of the most idyllic places in Ireland
Explore our wild and wonderful Kenmare Bay. ©www.kenmare.ie Explore sub-tropical plants, shrubs and trees. ©Derreen Gardens  Blackwater river - salmon fishing Rose. ©Fish With Us

Our Wildlife and Wilderness - Explore What Makes Us Wild!


Kenmare bay’s mountain surrounded, forested shoreline and islands are home to several special nature gatherings every summer. The common seals gather for the pup’s birthing. Artic terns travel 11,000 miles from the Antartic to lay eggs on gravel beaches. Gannets, Shearwaters, Gullimots and Puffins from the north Atlantic gather to nest on rocky islands on the bay. And back again (Ar ais arís), gathering, after an absence of 100 years, the largest ariel acrobat in Ireland’s skies are the White Tailed Sea Eagles!

This is a large estuary which can hold good numbers of wildfowl during the winter including Wigeon and Teal, areas of woodland in the region hold many breeding species such as Treecreeper, Long tailed Tit and Jay. This is an ideal area and is a must for any Birdwatching enthusiast.

River fishing is the business of Kenmare Angling and Sightseeing which is ideal for the smaller group or for those who prefer to plan their own excursion. Small, private tours of Kenmare Bay can also be arranged. The Blackwater River flows out into Kenmare Bay at Blackwater Bridge and provides a beautiful walk along its banks. Watch the salmon leaping and enjoy a picnic by the river’s waters or get a fishing permit and land some salmon.

Reenagross Park was laid out as an idyllic oak island just 3 minutes from town by Lord Lansdowne in the early 1900s. It’s a beautiful walk by the water which leads you out into the middle of the Roughty River with of course, beautiful views in every direction.

Its protected position and proximity to the Gulf Stream mean that the climate which Kenmare enjoys is mild and of course, since we're talking 'Ireland' here… damp. It's unusual to experience extremely low winter temperatures - ice and snow etc., but spring and summer temperatures can be high. This has created the ideal environment for unusual shrubs, trees and plants. There are a number of named walks to explore with subtropical vegetation all around and beautiful views at every turn. 

Seafari invites nature lovers worldwide to share this spectacular wildlife gathering in Kenmare, centre of Ireland’s premier touristic region. On our 3-4 hour long wildlife gathering cruise, visitors will observe Kenmare bay’s spectacular wildlife and scenery, observe close up and personal seal pups being fed by their mums, eagles soaring acrobatics and be entertained with traditional Irish music, special wildlife dance theatre with a wildlife gathering theme! Expert and friendly local guides will provide complimentary binoculars, wildlife tuition, snacks, tea, coffee, cookies and “rum tot” and much more!