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Old Ruin near the Ballaghbeama Gap, Co. Kerry. ©Martin O'Grady Tree close to Ballaghbeama Gap. ©Martin O'Grady Ballaghbeama Gap. ©Martin O'Grady

Ballaghbeama Pass cuts across the mountains in the centre of the Iveragh Peninsula and offers an isolated but breathtaking alternative route to the Ring of Kerry, with little traffic. This gives the sheep free rein of the landscape!There is a beautiful flowing stream that flows from a higher point on the south near the stunning Ballagh Beama. It is found between Blackwater and Glencar with beautiful views on either side. It's a popular destination for nature photographersBallaghbeama Pass joins Glencar to the west and Blackwater to the east.

Mullaghanattin stands proud over Ballaghbeama Pass, the 58th highest mountain in Ireland, a wonderful place to take in the views of the “pocket”(a horseshoe ridge that shelters a narrow glen) especially during a cloud burst. During the early summer watch the heathers make the mountains glow purple. Perfect for a nature enthusiast.

Rock Art can be found dotted around the landscape. There is evidence of a “Cillin”, (primarily used for the burial of unbaptised children), which is located among the rock art. A “cillin” is usually marked  by little more than an area of uncultivated stony ground raised above the general surroundings.

If you are looking for an untouched wild mountain landscape Ballaghbeama is for you. Enjoy your trip!

Ballagh Beama
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