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St Moling's Holy Well

St. Molings Well, Brosna

In 614 AD it was in the foothills of Sliabh Luachra that Saint Moling's mother who was a native of these parts, gave birth to her baby while marooned in a fall of snow as she returned to her parents home from Carlow in Leinster. A service of angels descended to the spot where the baby lay. The snow melted for 30 feet (9.1 m) around him and a spring well marked the spot.

St Moling performed many miracles. He was Archbishop of Ferns. He returned to Carlow to his father's royal homestead where he built a monastery. It was here he died and was buried in Tigh Moling in 646 AD. This well has been a place of pilgrimage over the years. People have paid visits to the well every Saturday in May. A decade of Rosary is said at each of the five kneelers around the well, going three times around the kneelers. Then taking sips of water from the well in their cupped hands, and many cures have been attributed.