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The Church Bell

Church BellA church bell which was cast in 1852 and rang throughout Brosna until the late 1960s is back in the parish this week, rescued just before it was due to be shipped to a church in Kenya. It was discovered in Camp by ITT lecturer Dave Frizelle, and was to form part of a student's charity shipment.

But when lecturer and Brosna local Dave Shine saw it, a bell went off in his head. He immediately contacted the Local Heritage Committee, who were keen to get the bell back to the parish. Josie McCreesh, secretary of the Brosna Heritage Committee, says the bell was part of the Church of Ireland building at Kilmanahan, until the '70s.

"It was brought to Camp church but never used. Now, with the co-operation of Bishop Mayes, it was agreed that the bell would be returned to Brosna". The Committee has no permanent home for the bell but hope to display it in the presbytery. The bell is in excellent condition and an inscription can clearly be seen to read
"Presented by Miss Ainsworths, Stratford- on -Avon to the Rev. E. Norman AM Rector of Brosna Church 1852".

The Heritage Committee plans to trace the history of the Ainsworths, and any links to Stratford on Avon, home of the world's best known playwright.

"Who knows, - they might even be relatives of William Shakespeare" Josie said.