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Aghadoe is one of Killarney’s best sites to view Killarney’s heritage sites and its landscapes. The viewing point from Aghadoe is at the northern end of the Killarney Valley, overlooking Killarney, Lough Lein and Muckross Lake. You can see the range of Kerry's high country from The Paps in the east through the Gap of Dunloe and the rugged McGillicuddy Reeks stretching to the Atlantic. At the southern end of the Killarney Valley is Ladies View. On the eastern side of the Aghadoe viewing point are the extensive  11th century ruins of Aghadoe Cathedral and the Round Tower. Between the viewing point and Aghadoe graveyard are the ruins of the 13th century Parkavonear Norman Castle, one of the few circular tower castles built by the Normans in the southwest. Looking out on to Lough Lein is the monastic Inisfallen island that has extensive ruins of an 11th century monastic settlement. Both the monastic ruins of Aghadoe and Inisfallen occupy sites of much earlier 7th century monasteries. On the shore of Lough Lein is a clear view of the restored gaelic Ross Castle and  underneath the viewing point are the 3 golf courses that make up the Killarney Golf & Fishing Club.
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