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Swimming Flagstone

Welcome to Lixnaw

Cead Míle Fáilte to Lixnaw meaning "swimming flagstone". Lixnaw is a beautiful small village in North Kerry. It is near the River Brick where there were originally two stone bridges that give the village its name. Lixnaw is only a short drive from Listowel and Tralee. In 1320 the Castle of Lixnaw was erected by Nicolas, the third baron of Lixnaw. In 1600 Sir Charles Wilmot and his forces garrisoned the castle. The castle was then retaken by Lord Kerry who entrusted its defense to his brother Gerald. Today, nothing remains of the castle. Places of interest in Lixnaw include St. Micheal’s Church and the Korean War Memorial.

Famous faces from Lixnaw:

Many famous Kerry GAA players came from Lixnaw. Players include Paul Galvin and Éamonn Fitzmaurice.

Lord Lansdowne, who became British Prime Minister in 1782 was born in Dublin but was largely reared in Lixnaw. Lord Lansdowne was a descendant of the Earls of Kerry. Later Lansdowne Road was named after him and it became the common name for the rugby stadium in Dublin.


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