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Church in Rathmore, Co Kerry Rathmore Village. ©Martin O'Grady Rathmore Village. ©Martin O'Grady


Rathmore (An Ráth Mhór means "Big Ringfort") is a small town that lies on the border of Cork and Kerry. It is divided into two parts, one is the commercial centre and the other is the administrative centre where the schools and churches are. It was the location of Kerry's first railway station in 1853 when it was known as Shinnagh.

There is a stone fort in the hills above Rathmore which is visited on the 1st of May each year on the pagan Bealtaine feast. The people walk around the fort reciting prayers and inscribing a cross on a stone flag as they go. This site is believed to hold curing powers for cattle - a custom that dates back over 2,500 years.

Rathmore also has a strong GAA Football tradition and several players have gone on to play for the Kerry county team.

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