Welcome to Sneem

The Knot in the Ring of Kerry

Sculpture Park

The village of Sneem is a treasure trove of international sculpture, accessible to all, free of charge, throughout the year. The work of Vivienne Roche, Alan Hall, Tamara Rikman and a panda sculpture
donated by the Peoples Republic of China can be seen on various locations. " The Risen Christ " by Brother Joseph McNally is located on the grounds of St.Michael's Church and the goddess ISSES
donated by the people of Egypt stands at " The Way The Fairies Went".

" The Way The Fairies Went"

A collection of buildings designed by Kerry sculptor James Scanlon, and executed by local stoneworkers, they are located overlooking the Sneem River near St.Michael's Church. It was financed by the Arts Council of Ireland as a result of Sneem winning the National Tidy Towns Award in 1987. The entire project was completed in 1989-90.

" The Way The Fairies Went " won the National Landscape Award in 1997.