Welcome to Sneem

The Knot in the Ring of Kerry

Local Attractions

St. Michael's Church

Built in 1865, this Roman Catholic Church contains the grave of Father Michael Walsh, parish priest of Sneem from 1828 to 1866, who was the original Father O'Flynn of the celebrated song.


Church of the Transfiguration

This church was built in 1810 and displays a salmon as a weather cock above it's tower-like exterior.


Sculpture Park

Visity the unique outdoor display of international sculpture in the Sculpture Park. The exhibits include Peaceful Panda (China) - a White Marble Panda, Arbor Chalybeia Immaculata (Isreal), a stainless steel tree sculpture, The Angry Christ (SIngapore) and monuments to General de Gaulle, Cearbhail O'Dalaigh (former Irish president) and Steve Casey (the wrestler).


The Garden of the Senses

The garden was developed for the visually impaired, but is enjoyed by all that visit it. There is also a barbacue area and a riverside wildlife trail which combine to create a fascinating walkway, which will thrill nature lovers.


Coral Beach

Enjoy the attractive coral beach located beside Gleesk pier. This is one of only two coral beachers in Ireland.


The Pyramids

Explore the pyramids of Sneem. The 'pyramids' were inspired by the beehive huts of Skellig Michael and the Staigure Fort. Conceived by James Scanlon in 1989 they are also called 'The Way the Fairies Went'.



Oysterbed is an ideal location for sail-boarding and waterskiing. Safe swimming havens are located at White Strand, Silver Strand and Glenbeg.