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Castle of Dromore from Seafari Templenoe, South Kerry. ©Mary Declan O'Neill @copyright The Ring of Kerry Golf Course Templenoe, South Kerry. ©Mary Declan O'Neill @copyright Dromore Castle Templenoe, South Kerry. ©Mary Declan O'Neill @copyright

Templenoe is an area of scenic charm, and with Kenmare Bay forming its coastline has an atmosphere of  tranquillity. The name Templenoe or Teampall Nua, meaning ‘The Parish of the New Church’, originated when a new church was built and it is now a ruin in the grounds of Old Templenoe Cemetery. The area is steeped in history with ample evidence of Christian heritage. The medieval church dating back to 1092, the Holy Well in Dromore, various mass rocks, and the old Protestant Church are proof of the religious practices of its inhabitants down through the generations. The castles in the area add to its historical lore. Dunkerron Castle, about 3 miles from Kenmare on the road to Sneem was built around 1215 by Carew. It was the seat of power of the O’Sullivan Mór for 400 years. It was burned in 1646 by Lord Muskerry to prevent it being taken over by advancing Cromwellian forces.

Dromore Castle on the shores of Kenmare Bay and about 7 miles from Kenmare on the road to Sneem  was the home of the O’Mahonys and also the inspiration of a song, ‘The Castle of Dromore’. The castle is a Gothic structure with a Victorian style interior. It was built in the early 1830’s. Cappanacuss Castle, built circa 1450, was the seat of the O’Sullivan Mór. It is a short distance to the east of Dromore Castle. Little of its former structure stands today.

Dromquinna Manor, about 3 miles from Kenmare, is a mid-Victorian house built by Sir John Columb  who was the local landlord of the time. In recent times it was converted into a hotel. Next to it is the Dromquinna Riding Stables and Open Farm, Kerry’s oldest family run riding centre. Here enthusiasts across all ages and abilities can enjoy sea, mountain and woodland rides.

For the golf enthusiast, Templenoe offers one of the finest parkland courses in the country, the Ring of Kerry Golf Club, with views of Kenmare Bay. For night-time entertainment you can enjoy a night out in the nearby Pat Spillane’s Bar. Top all this off with snuggling up at the end of a wonderful day exploring Templenoe in any of the local hotels and enjoy the comforts ready to restore you for another day.

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