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As from June 2014 Cromane and the surrounding area was listed as one of the TOP 50 Places In the World as a must see off the beaten track destination!

Lonely Planet! A true Gem...

Cromane is a small rural fishing village and home to 800 people. It's situated eight kilometres west of Killorglin and six kilometres from Glenbeigh, just 10 minutes off the main Ring of Kerry Road. Cromane is a low lying shingle spit which sits at the western end of Castlemaine Harbour. The name Cromane (An Cromán) means hip bone as the spit is shaped like a hip when looking at it on a map or from the top of a high mountain.

Cromane is in the enviable location between the two most scenic peninsulas in Ireland; the Dingle Peninsula to the north and the Iveragh Peninsula extending westwards. Cromane is one of the few locations where you can view the Brandon Mountain Range, Sliabh Mish Mountains and the McGillycuddy Reeks all at once.

Cromane has its toes in the Atlantic and its Pebble Beach is family friendly and is the nearest beach to Killarney. The beach is encased by rolling mountains laced with lakes and boglands

Cromane, while traditionally relying on fishing and small farming for its existence has little industry, therefore no pollution. The availability of fish in the area explains the density of housing, on Cromane Spit. During the famine in 1845 many families moved from other parts of Kerry to live in Cromane. 

Salmon and trout have been fished for generations from Cromane, and the principal harvest of the area in recent years has been mussels. Castlemaine Harbor is the largest natural mussel bed in Ireland.






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