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Fishing & Shellfish Cultivation

Castlemaine Harbour holds the largest natural mussel bed in Ireland.  Mussel cultivation has been a traditional activity in Castlemaine Harbour and it goes back for generations. Since 1850 the formation of the local Fishing Co-operative has ensured that cultivation has been managed and conducted in an intense organised manner. The Co-op has full control of shellfish culture over the 250 acre body of water contained within the mussel fishery order granted in 1979.

Current annual production of mussels can reach up to 8000 tonnes, though varying supply of local seed causes fluctuation in annual production. Produce is sold to markets in France and Holland. Pacific oyster production has been introduced by members with current output levels at approximately 200 tonnes. One group has begun to cultivate clams. Overall the shellfish cultivation and production industry is worth several million euros to the local economy and helps sustain local employment.