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Cead Míle Fáilte to Moyvane in Irish “Maigh Mheáin”, meaning main or middle plain. The name Moyvane was adopted by the village in 1939 when a plebiscite was held by Father O'Sullivan, who was the parish priest at the time. Moyvane is between Listowel and Tarbert. Moyvane is an expression of a global village in its truest sense and to this day, the official "Moyvane House" is located in the heart of this area.

In the early 1880s the village "NewtownSands” was on the lands of Landlord George Sands, a notoriously cruel Landlord. In 1886, the name of the village was changed to "NewtownDillon" after John Dillon due to a forceful eviction by some of his tenants. However, the name didn't stick until 1916 when another name change was attempted; this time to "NewtownClarke" after the 1916 Easter Rising leader "Thomas Clarke".

In 1939 the residents decided by vote to name their village "Moyvane" because this was based on the original gaelic name for the area. However until the 1990s the village was still officially named "NewtownSandes". This is why today, some natives still casually refer to the village as "Newtown" and the present-day Moyvane Creamery still bears the name: "Newtownsandes Co-op" and is also one of the remaining ndependent co-operative creameries left in Kerry.



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