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ford-mouth of anchorage

Cead Míle Fáilte to Ballylongford or Irish “Béal Átha Longfoirt” historically known as Bealalongford, meaning "ford-mouth of anchorage". Ballylongford is a village at the top of Ballylongford Bay on the tidal estuary of the Shannon, close to Carrigafoyle Island and on the coast road between Tarbert and Ballybunion.

The mainstays of the local economy are tourism, farming and fishing. For centuries, Ballylongford shared the political, military and religious fate of the castle and the nearby Franciscann Lislaughtin Abbey. Carrigafoyle Island, is only a short distance away, and has a magnificent castle. The village hosts an oyster festival, the highlight of which is the oyster swallowing competition.

Famous Faces from Ballylongford: One of Ireland’s finest poets, Brendan Kennelly came from the village.


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