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Mass at Springmount, Duagh, North Kerry,. ©Joe Lynch Mass at Springmount, Duagh, North Kerry,. ©Joe Lynch Mass at Springmount, Duagh, North Kerry,. ©Joe Lynch

Duagh Graveyard Committee

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Duagh Graveyard Committee will be holding its Annual Graveyard Mass on Friday 26th July at 7.30 pm.


Daffodils flowering 24.02.2013


Duagh Graveyard Committee held its AGM on Sunday February 17th. Last year was a very productive year for the organisation. While the weather was not especially conducive in 2012, a lot was still achieved during the year with the new monument being erected, new footpaths were laid in the new cemetery, the existing footpaths were washed and a lot of other work was done. This work could not have been done without the great commitment shown by our volunteers and the contributions from the public. Plans are afoot to build upon this work in 2013 and it is expected that cutting will commence sometime in March, if weather conditions permit.   We will be looking to our volunteers in the coming months to give us a hand and any additional help would be greatly appreciated. The officers of the committee are, as follows, Chairman-Tony Maher, Secretary-Nora Gaire and Treasurer-Miriam Cronin-Gaire. Committee members are Gerard Galvin, Gerard O Connor, Matt Mangan, John Scannell, P.J. Gaire, Michael Naughton and Joe Lynch. The annual Church gate collection will take place on the weekend of 13th/14th of April. 


First snow of 2013.(21.01.2013)

Duagh Graveyard 21.01.2013






New Years Eve 2012.




New life begins to emerge near the altar in the cemetery.

December 2012

The Duagh Graveyard Committee would like to wish all our volunteers, contributors and supporters a very happy Christmas and New Year. Your contributions in terms of work and resources have ensured that a lot of work was done in the Graveyard in 2012 and we are currently working on a 2 year work plan to further improve the graveyard. PJ Gaire has recently covered the statue of the Sacred Heart to protect it from frost damage. In the 2 hard winters of 2009/10, the statue suffered some damage and we hope that covering it from frost will help to prolong its life.





October 2012

The final cutting of the graveyard for 2012 took place on Tuesday 2nd October. Once again, it was great to see a good turnout. The committee is indebted to all those who have turned out this year and in previous years to help. It is great that so many people are willing to give of their time and skills volunteering in the community. After the cutting, a Mass was celebrated for the intentions of all those who assisted the Graveyard Committee in any way this year and a cup was tea was had in the Presbytery. A lot has been achieved this year and hopefully, as much will be done next year.

Some of the volunteers who take part in the cutting of the graveyard during the year. There are as many more, who were unfortunately unavailable the night this photograph was taken.


July 2012

The Annual Mass at Springmount Cemetery was a tremendous success last night. In glorious weather conditions, the likes of which we have seen much too rarely this year, a sizeable crowd attended this event. One of the highlights of the night was the unveiling of the commemmorative stone remembering all the Famine Victims, Unrecorded Dead and Holy Innocents who lie in Springmount by the longest serving members of the Graveyard Committee, Gerard Galvin and Michael Naughton. A lot of people came from outside the parish to remember their dead and it was nice to see a lot of people who had returned for their holidays attend the Mass.

Many thanks to all those who assisted in the preparations for the event and for all those who assissted on the night especially those who filled in at short notice.




The following is the leaflet detailing the work which was done throughout the year.


Duagh Graveyard Committee               26th July 2012.

Duagh Graveyard Committee would like to thank all those who support it throughout the year. This help comes in many ways, from the contributions to our annual collections and our bottle collections at Gaire’s shop, from those who help promote our activities through the various branches of the local media and from Kerry County Council who work in conjunction with the Committee, The TUS workers who have done a lot of work at the Graveyard this year and all those who encourage us to keep going with compliments and suggestions.

 A special word of thanks to all the volunteers who give freely of their time and skills to maintain the Graveyard. Most of these volunteers have busy lives with work and family commitments but they are always willing to lend a hand on Thursday nights. Without their efforts, the Graveyard would revert back to the state it was in many years ago. We simply cannot praise them enough. Everything that they do is appreciated. 

We would also like to thank all those who have contributed so much to the Mass tonight especially the Priests and Phil and those who have looked after the music. It truly is a community effort.

The following work has been carried out in the last 12 months.

·         Ivy was removed from the walls of the old graveyard by Kerry County Council.

·         Tarmacadam footpaths have been added to the new graveyard, making it more accessible and safer. This was carried out by Kerry County Council and was partly funded by the graveyard Committee from the donations received from the people of the parish.

·         The Escalonia hedge which was severely burned in the frosts of 2009/10 and 2010/11 has been removed from one side of the graveyard and will be cut down in the other part in the coming months. New growth has emerged in the last few months and hopefully, by this time next year, the hedge will be in great shape again. This work has been done by the TUS team.

·         The statue of The Sacred Heart has been repaired and repainted after also suffering in the hard winters recently.

·         All the concrete paths have been power washed by the TUS participants



·         A Commemorative Stone has been erected as a memorial to the Famine Victims, The Holy Innocents and the Unrecorded Dead who lie in Springmount. It is hoped that this will become a focal point for the many people who are unable to locate their family plots and especially for those who come to Duagh to trace their relations.



·         New equipment has been purchased for maintenance of the Graveyard.

·         The piers of the gates have been pointed and sandblasted.


To read the article in The Kerryman re the Commemorative Stone, please click



Duagh Graveyard Committee would like to thank The Gaire Family and their customers for their generosity. The latest bottle collection raised €242.16 and this was recently handed over by Moss. It is great that in these times, people are still willing to fund worthwhile causes. The next cutting of the Graveyard is scheduled for 16th August (weather, as always, permitting) and all help of any type is welcomed.