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A Copy of Cuirt An Mheadhon Oidhre. ©Lorraine Roche A Copy of Cuirt An Mheadhon Oidhre. ©Lorraine Roche A Copy of Cuirt An Mheadhon Oidhre. ©Loraine Roche

Cuirt An Mheadhon Oidhche

Cuirt An Mheadhon Oidhche was written about 1780, but remained unpublished till 1850. Even before publication it was very popular; several Irish speakers could recite some if not all of its 1026 lines. Manuscript copies of the poem however did not appear in English translation till 1880, when a verse translated by Denis Woulfe was published.


In the opinion of many Gaelic scholars it is the most remarkable, most powerful work that modern Gaelic Literature has produced. It is a great comic poem containing many bawdy descriptions concerning men, women and marriages.


A manuscript of the poem, dated 1847, that was written by Patrick Sheehy from Duagh, is now in the Library of the Royal Irish Academy, Dawson St., Dublin.


Patrick Sheehy fell in love with a local girl, Mary Stack and followed her to America in 1852. The couple married at Hoboken, New Jersey and had six children. The manuscript was presented to the library in 1999 by his great grandson, Boyd B. Cary of Arizona.

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