Welcome to Duagh

Duagh Volunteers

The sun is a shining in dear old Kilcara

Where strains of fife music was borne on the gale,

As bravely, Daugh Volunteers are advancing

Forward their march to Listowel by the Feale


Onward our army then, fight for the land again,

Sons of those men who have never known fear.

On’gainst the Carson crew, noble’s the work you do,

Onward to victory, Duagh Volunteers.


Martial the music that’s heard ere the sunset,

And cheers of a thousand are thick on the air,

As forward the brave Volunteers are advancing

And steadily marching they enter the Square.


What horseman are those who so proudly approach us?

Resplendent in Sashes of green and of gold,

Led by the banner and band so long famous,

Truly they look like the Clansmen of old.


(writer unknown)