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The Black Village
Rattoo Round Tower, Ballyduff, North Kerry. ©Noel O' Connor Ballyduff G.A.A Crest. ©Noel O' Connor Ladies Walk, Ballyduff, North Kerry. ©Noel O' Connor

Interesting Facts about Ballyduff

  1. 1. Ballyduff or in Irish "An Baile Dubh", means the "black village".


  1. 2. The Rattoo Round Tower is the only complete round tower in Kerry.


  1. 3. On 1 November 1920, the Black and Tans shot local man, John Houlihan, dead and burned the creamery to the ground.


  1. 4. The first motor car – A Chambers - was brought to Ballyduff in 1907 by Dr. Pierce.


  1. 5. Canon William Ferris, the author of "The Gaelic Commonwealth" and many other works came from Ballyduff.


  1. 6. The Boys of Ballyduff song was written by P.J. Sheehy on the occasion of the Ballyduff/Crossabeg All-Ireland Hurling final in 1891.


  1. 7. Rattoo Heritage museum is located in the village. The museum contains local and archaeological discoveries about North Kerry.


  1. 8. John Mahony (1863–1943) was a famous Ballyduff Irish sportsperson. He played hurling with the Kerry senior inter-county team in the 1890s and captained Kerry to their only All-Ireland hurling title in 1891.


  1. 9. RTE television, the first station in Ireland, went on the air on the 31st December 1961. Not many people in Ballyduff had televisions sets at this time so people gathered nightly on the street in the village to watch a television which was switched on in the window of Kearney’s shop!


  1. 10. The Church in Ballyduff village was first opened on June 20th 1837 and was called after SS. Peter and Paul.


  1. 11. Rahela Grotto was built in 1957 which was known as the Marian year in honour of Holy Mary.  Babies that were born in the Marian Year, whether they were boys or girls, had to be given the name Mary-even if it was a second name!


  1.  12. Tobar Rí an Domhnaigh (Well of Sunday‟s King) is a Grotto and Holy Well on the Ladies Walk. It is also known as the Well of Lepers.


  1. 13. Tom Dunne, Glounerdalive was the first local man to ride a bicycle (Penny Farthing) through the village!


  1. 14. Tobar a Leighis  is the grotto and Holy well near the Cashen. The water from this well is said to heal your mind as well as your body! It is said that a Golden fish can be seen in the well by people who are cured! St.Bridget visited this well when she came to Kerry.


  1. 15. Ladies used to walk everyday from the Great House in Rattoo to another Great house in Ballyhorgan. In those days, there was a law that stated that the people living on the road that linked the two houses were not allowed to have windows facing the road so they could look at the ladies walking by! This is why the road is now known as Ladies Walk!!


  1. 16. Kerry were represented by a Ballyduff team when they first won the All-Ireland Hurling Championship in 1891


  1. 17. The library in Ballybunion was moved brick-by-brick from the church in Rattoo in 1952!


  1. 18. Edmund Barrett , a very successful sports-man was born in Ballyduff in 1880. In 1908, at the Olympic Games held in London, he won a bronze medal in wrestling, and also won a gold medal with the London tug-of-war team. He also won an All-Ireland gold medal with London in hurling against Cork in 1901, and is the only Irishman to win two gold medals.


  1. 19. Butter was once made in The Ballyduff Creamery. The Churn was installed in 1958 and the butter maker until 1971 was JohnMcCarthy.


  1. 20. There was an underground tunnel called a Suterann linking Rattoo Great House and Ballyhorhan House.