Welcome to Ballyduff

The Black Village
Rattoo Monastery, Ballyduff, North Kerry. ©Lorraine Roche Rattoo Round Tower underconstruction 2012, Ballyduff, North Kerry. ©Lorraine Roche Rattoo Monastery, Ballyduff, North Kerry. ©Lorraine Roche

History of Ballyduff

In the early 1800s, Ballyduff or “Baile Dubh” village was originally located in Hearthill. British soldiers known as the Press Gang came to Hearthill looking for villagers to join the British army. The locals refused to join and decided to flee the village and go into hiding. In retaliation the soldiers burnt the village to the ground. When the locals returned all that was left was a black smoking ruin. Hence the name Baile Dubh/The Black Village or Ballyduff was given to the area.


After this, the village was relocated to Benmore, where it still stands today. In 1920 the village was also burnt by the Black and Tans. Many properties in the village including the local creamery were destroyed and a local man by the name of John Houlihan was killed in the ambush. A monument in his honour was erected in the village shortly after.

Monument to John Houlihan, Tralee Road, Ballyduff