Welcome to Ballyduff

The Black Village
Rattoo Monastery, Ballyduff, North Kerry. ©Lorraine Roche Rattoo Round Tower, Ballyduff, North Kerry. ©Lorraine Roche Rattoo Round Tower, Ballyduff, North Kerry. ©Noel O'Connor


St Peter’s & Paul’s Church

Rattoo Abbey which was built around the 10th Century and all of the churches in Ballyduff, have been named after St. Peter and St. Paul. On June 20th 1837 the church in Ballyduff was first opened. In 1967, the church was demolished and reconstructed. While this work was in progress, mass was said in The Crystal Ballroom (also known as Hennessy‟s Hall)!!! A Statue of St.Patrick was placed in front of the old church in 1929– which means it is nearly 90 years old!


The Grotto in Rahela was built in 1957, which was known as the Marian year in honour of Holy Mary. Fact: Babies that were born in the Marian Year, whether they were boys or girls, had to be given the name Mary-even if it was a second name!

Tobar Rí an Domhnaigh

Tobar Rí an Domhnaigh /Well of Sunday’s King or the Well of the Lepers is a Grotto and Holy Well on the Ladies Walk. It is believed that people who drink the Holy water will have great peace & health. Mass is celebrated at the well every May.

Tobar a Leighis

Tobar a Leighis is a grotto and Holy Well near the Cashen. The water from this well is said to heal your mind as well as your body! It is said that a Golden fish can be seen in the well by people who are to be cured! St Bridget visited this well when she came to Kerry.