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The Black Village
Rattoo Monastery, Ballyduff, North Kerry. ©Lorraine Roche Rattoo Round Tower, Ballyduff, North Kerry Rattoo Round Tower, Ballyduff, North Kerry. ©Lorraine Roche

The Great Houses of Ballyduff

Rattoo Great House is the most well known great house in Ballyduff. However Ballyduff is also home to two other “great” houses, Ballyhorgan and Bushmount.

Rattoo Great House was built in the 1840s in the Victorian Gothic Style. The House is a tall elegant building, two storeys high and had twenty-nine rooms. There used to be a huge orchard at the back of the premises, and the house was a local source of employment.

Ballyhorgan House

Ballyhorgan House was owned by Mrs R. Trent Staughton. Who also gave the land on which the school is built! The house in its time had four reception rooms and fourteen bedrooms along with a kitchen, dining room, library, drawing room and had its own stables. Unfortunately, the house was completely destroyed by a fire in 1920/21 and now we rely on history books and hearsay to find information on this old mansion.

Bushmount House

Bushomount House was originally owned by the Rice Family and is located on the main Tralee road. It is 3 stories high and contains several bedrooms, a dining room, drawing room, hall, kitchen and library. All of the contents of the house were sold by auction in 1917 after the death of the original owner Colonel R.I. Rice. Today the house is owned by Tadhg O‟ Sullivan.

Fact: There was once an underground tunnel called the “suterran” linking the great houses of Rattoo and Ballyhorgan.