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Rattoo Creamery

Rattoo Creamery was built around 1909. The premises were originally situated in Rattoo, on the Ladies‟ Walk and it has kept the name since then. The building included a creamery mill, shop and stores. It was a very important facility for the local farmers. As it was used as a milk collection point. Ballyduff Creamery Butter was once made at the Ballyduff Creamery. The butter maker from 1958 to 1971 was John McCarthy.

Sadly in 1948, the premises were destroyed by a fire. However it was rebuilt again in the 1960s. The Creamery Building was finally demolished in 1998.

Fact:  The Creamery Stores Building was used by Ballyduff N.S. as classrooms while the school extension was being built in the 1980s!