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The Black Village
Summertime, Ballyduff, North Kerry Cashen Ballyduff, North Kerry.. ©Noel O'Connor  Ballyduff, North Kerry

The Cashen

The Cashen was known as “Casan Chiarraí”or in English as the path into the Kingdom of Kerry. It is located at the mouth of the River Feale.

At the time the River Feale was used as a form of transportation, to carry goods and people from the coast to the inland towns. Due to this a small thriving fishing village was established.


Tree hollowed boats were once used by the fishmen, but these were replaced over time by “gondolas”. A Gondola was a flat bottomed boat with a raised brow and stern. At the time no fishing rods were used, only nets called draft nets.


Today, a set of Fisherman Rosary Beads, which are on display behind the pulpit in the Church, can still be seen. The beads were handmade by Chas Laide of The Cashen and the beads are made from materials used to make fishing nets.


Fact: There was once a National School in the Cashen.