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Currow (from the Irish derivation Curra, meaning  "The Marsh") is a rural village located approximately 12 km north from Killarney and 18 km east of Tralee. It is situated on the banks of  Brown Flesk River.  Currow is rich in agriculture as much of the land is arable, mainly used as pasture for dairy stock. To the south, there are areas blanket bog that borders Currow with the parish of Kilcummin. The village grew up on both sides of the roadway to the north of Flesk Bridge, between two old estates, Dicksgrove and Parkmore, which have influenced the architectural character.

History of Currow 

The Meredith Family were the landlords of the locality, residing in the old Parkmore estate. The first influence of the British  came from the Herbert Family during the plantations. The village still has its old charm as it escaped much of the major development experienced by many villages around the country during the Celtic Tiger era. Currow is bordered to the west by Farranfore, to the south by Kilcummin, to the east by Scartaglin and to the north by Castleisland. Currans lies north west of Currow, which forms the Killeentierna Parish.

Currow takes pride in its sporting heritage, producing several international rugby players, most notably are Mick Doyle, Moss Keane and Mick Galwey.  The popularity of the GAA is incomparable in the community but basketball has strongly flourished in recent decades, particularly with juveniles, with much success at county, provincial and national level.



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