Welcome to Currow

Places of Interest

Currow Wildlife Park

This beautiful Natural Pond which is situated 1 kilometer east of Currow Village. The local Rural Development Group took a keen interest in the development and restoration of this unique feature. Water levels were raised and fruit bearing trees were planted to provide food for the many animal species which inhabit the pond, such as The Moorhen, The Mute Swan and The Mallard. Species such as the Otter makes this habitat their home and in doing so this encourages other animal species to do likewise. The pond is surrounded by mature trees such as Beech, Alder, Ashe and many more. The wildlife pond is a beautiful amenity and contributes positive perception of  the Sliabh Luachra area, with quiet villages, clean waters, landscaped gardens and pleasant picnics by the roadside. A Walk area with seating is provided for those who would like to sit back and enjoy the Wildlife Park.

The Metal Bridge

This was built in the early 1930s by Con Singleton from Gneeveguilla. The Metal Bridge is a crossing point along the Brown Flesk River. All work was done by pick and shovel and the bridge was made from concrete on dry land. The name 'The Metal Bridge' is a actually a slight aberration, because the name actually comes from the previous footbridge that existed there. This was built by metal and iron during the famine years,  of the 1840’s. The road on which the bridge exists is called Bothar na Mine or Road of Meal. This is because the men who built it were paid in meal rather than money. There was a great flood in 1941, which swept one of the arches away. It has since been restored.

The Reidy Bridge

This bridge is actually replacement of an existing bridge that got swept away in the 1941 flood. Located in the centre of the village, it was named after the parish priest who in Currow at the time of construction, in 1941. It has three arches, however,  the river only flows through two of the arches. The third is for times of flood.