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Depiction in song and dance of the story of the Blessed Nicholas Barre, founder of the

The Sliabh Luachra region is an area at the borders of Cork, Kerry and Limerick, which is recognised nationally and internationally as the bedrock of traditional Irish music, song, dance, poetry, and culture.

Hundreds of years ago it was a sparsely populated area of bogs, rushes, marshes and woodlands, sought out by refugees trying to avoid the imperial authorities. After the plantation of Munster in 1583 and the battle of Kinsale in 1601, many dispossessed and poverty stricken people moved into the area. Its remoteness and the barren soil proved attractive to those people as the authorities were less likely to bother them in their new inhospitable environment. In such circumstances, music, poetry, and dance often thrive, and they did so in Sliabh Luachra.

Despite all the hardship they were a happy contented people. Children were well educated, with many being fluent in Irish, English, Latin, and Greek. The area was blessed with a number of gifted music teachers, whose names are legendary and while traditional music was played in the area for more than a thousand yaers, these gifted teachers gave the music a 'Draiocht' and a feeling that came from the soul of the people, a music that is today a national treasure to be compared with others such as the Ardagh Chalice, the Rock of Cashel or the Book Of Kells.

Sliabh Luachra
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