Welcome to Ballybunion

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10 Facts about Ballybunion

1. The first statue of Bill Clinton on public display in the world was in Ballybunion.

2. Ballybunion faces west to the Atlantic Ocean.

3. Ballybunion is a favourite of the great Tom Watson.

4. Ballybunion is constantly ranked in the Top ten courses in the world.

5. The first hole has a graveyard on the right hand side, just before the fairway, mystery has it, if you hit the ball into the graveyard after sunset you may never retrieve it.

6. Ballybunion Golf Course is over 100 years old and the original course was designed by Robert Trent Jones.

7. The village dates back to the 14th century and was erected by the Geraldines.

8. Ballybunion is home to the longest sunsets in Europe.  .

9. The waters of Ballybunion have won the European Blue Flag award which acknowledges a water quality free of pollution. The award is renewed yearly.

10. Many famous visitors have played  golf at Ballybunion including President Bill Clinton,Tiger Woods and Tommy Hilfiger.