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Keel Boolteens Sense of Place

Keel / Boolteens Sense of Place

When asked what Keel people love about their area two main themes come to the forefront, a sense of community and a love of the natural environment. They love living here and feel that Keel is a "wonderful area from Castlemaine to Inch”. There is a huge pride of place and awareness of all the untapped potential in their area. They know the potential their home has, to be a tourism hub due to its accessibility to the Ring of Kerry and Dingle Peninsula, and  the main tourist route from Killarney to Dingle. There is potential for employment based on the water, people and parish, and the village way of life that takes people out of the towns and into the countryside. The community willing to get involved as demonstrated by the voluntary network in their community. The locals value the amazing amenities available such as the graveyard, pier, community sports hall, crafts and food producers that continue to be developed. The Country Market is “more than just a country market” with demonstrations, storytellers and community arts. There are local craft makers and the knitting and quilting clubs are popular

The interesting landscape  include key features like the Rivers Maine and Groyne, Tralee Mountain road to Bothar na Gloc, Slieve Mish Mountains, and the Pig’s Back Ridge. These features offer a great wealth of plants and animals and outdoor activities There are lots of characters who have old stories waiting to be captured, and folklore, mythology and heritage sites such as the Mill Stones of interest.

However, it is the natural elements that are ever changing and how they come together that evoke such strong responses – there is an amazing light especially during sunrise and sunset - when the moon rises, its light reflects the mountains on the harbour. Wind and weather watching also make it a special place for photographers. 

Come and experience it and be a part of it............