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Keel Church


The old Keel cemetery is on the southwest side of the Castlemaine-Anascaul road, two miles southwest from the village of Boolteens. It belongs to the County Board of Health and it contains the ruins of an old church.

"The old Chapel of Keel was in the village of Boolteens, Keel, Castlemaine,
Co. Kerry, and the New Church of Keel, Castlemaine's foundation was layed 
26 Oct. 1873, site of the new church was given by Sir John Godfrey of
Milltown. Mr. Simpson of Dublin contributed 45 pounds, and his brother 50
pounds. The new church will accomodate over a thousand persons, and will
comprise nave and transept, and will be 88 feet. The Catholic Parish of
Keel, Castlemaine is situated between the mountains and the sea, on the
north side of the River Maine and Castlemaine Harbour." (Tralee Chronicle,
28 Oct. 1873 )