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Bealach Oisin


Bealach Óisín (Óisín’s Road) is named after the son of Fionn Mac Cumhaill, legendary leader of the Fianna, Ireland’s famous warriors. According to legend Óisín fell in love with Niamh Cinn Or, a beautiful princess from Tir na Nog, the land of youth. Having spent some time in Tir na Nog, Óisín was homesick and wanted to see his homeland. Niamh lent him her great white horse on which to return, with a dire warning to stay on the horse and not to set foot on the land of Ireland. When Óisín came back, hundreds of years had gone by, the Fianna were long gone, the people of Ireland had grown small and weak and St Patrick was spreading Christianity.  As he was crossing the pass that now bears his name, Óisín saw a group of men struggling with a stone that he could move with one hand.  Óisín leaned down from the saddle to move the stone, but as he did so the girth broke and he fell to the ground. As soon as he hit the ground he turned into an old man.