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An Searrach, Kinard, Lispole. ©Tim smith www.timsmithvisuals.com Minard Castle. ©Tim Smith www.timsmithvisuals.com Kinard, Lispole. ©Tim Smith www.timsmithvisuals.com

Lispole (Lios Póil in Irish) is a Gaeltacht area, bounded on the north by mountains and on the south by the cliffs and inlets of Dingle Bay.

The area consists of two parishes, Kinard and Minard.

At Kinard is the small beach of Béal, a feature of which is the seastack known as An Searrach or The Foal. The beach is popular with sea anglers.

At Kilmurry Bay in Minard are the remains of Minard Castle which oversees a beautiful stony beach. This Castle featured in the famous motion picture “Ryan’s Daughter”, although in it, it was referred to as a Tower. This Castle sits on private land and you are not permitted to enter but it is easily viewed from the road.

The Dingle Way, which is a popular walk on the peninsula, goes through the area, passing Minard Castle, and Lispole village before joining a mountain track that leads to the old Conor Pass road and into Dingle.

The Tralee and Dingle narrow gauge railway ran through Lispole, and a viaduct on the line still stands near the village. Lispole railway station opened on 1 April 1891, shut for passenger traffic on 17 April 1939, shut for goods traffic on 10 March 1947 and shut altogether on 1 July 1953. There is a viewing point from which you can see the viaduct on the North side of the main road as you are going through the village.


Lios Póil / Lispole
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