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Loughbrin in the Snow, South Kerry. ©Mary O'Neill @copyright Blackwater Pier, South Kerry  . ©Mary Declan O'Neill @copyright Fishing Boats in Blackwater Pier, South Kerry. ©Mary Declan O'Neill @copyright

Blackwater, nestling between the Macgillicuddy Reeks on one side and the Kenmare River on the other, takes its name from the Blackwater River, a salmon fishery which meanders through its valley. The Kerry Blackwater River, not to be confused with the much bigger Munster Blackwater, runs 10 miles from Lough Brin to Kenmare Bay on the southern side of the Iveragh Peninsula. A special area of conservation protects the rare Kerry slug in the basin of the Blackwater River.The area which has some of the most unspoilt and magical scenery in Ireland is also rich in natural heritage.The ancient rock art is the best in Ireland and the river has a population of rare fresh water pearl mussels. The population consists mainly of cattle and sheep farmers. However, its unique character lies in the vibrancy of the community as a whole and the voluntary community groups that comprise of the people living here. Organisation such as the Blackwater Womens Group now in its 10th year, whose open nature, diverse membership and talent base has supported, entertained and trained members of the community. The Kerry Blackwater Development Group manages the fishery and promotes fishing among local youths.

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