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Church, Ballydesmond. ©Martin O'Grady Village, Ballydesmond. ©Martin O'Grady GAA Grounds, Ballydesmond. ©Martin O'Grady

Ballydesmond (Irish: Baile Deasumhan, meaning the town of the Desmond) is a small vibrant village located in the centre of Sliabh Luachra.  Ballydesmond is in the diocese of Kerry but more than half the parish is in County Cork because the river Blackwater separates the two counties and it flows through the parish. 

Ballydesmond owes it economic success to the international company located just outside village which has been operation since 1973. The company employs over 1000 people, manufacturing and  delivering  windows, doors, and stairs.  The village has shops, pubs, a primary school, restaurant, credit union, take-away, and a funeral home. 


Ballydesmond was built in 1832 and was established as a model village, a resting stop  for merchants travelling to and from Cork City. Up until the 1930’s it was known as Kingwilliamstown, named after the reigning British King at the time, King William. It was changed to Ballydesmond, after the War of Independence. The name Ballydesmond was chosen to commemorate the life of Gerald – the Earl of Desmond who fought in the 16th century rebellion and who is believed to have taken cover in a hut in the near by hills. 


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