Welcome to Sneem

The Knot in the Ring of Kerry

TOP 10 THINGS TO SEE in Sneem-Castlecove-Caherdaniel

We invite you to visit Sneem-Castlecove-Caherdaniel villages in South Kerry and offer you TOP 10 things to see:

1. Staigue Stone Fort (Castlecove)

2. Derrynane House and Fairy Trail (Caherdaniel)

3. National Park and Gardens of Derrynane (Caherdaniel)

4. Derrynane Beach (Caherdaniel)

5. Kerry International Dark-Sky Reserve (Caherdaniel)

6. Loop Walks:

Derrynane Mass Path (Caherdaniel)

Lomanagh walk (Sneem)

Fermoyle walk (Sneem)

7. Kerry Geopark (Sneem)

8. Sculpture Park and The Gardens of Senses (Sneem)

9. The Pyramids (Sneem)

10. Coral Beach beside Gleeskpier (Sneem)