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Tarbert (Irish: Tairbeart, from an Old Norse term meaning "draw-boat") is a town in the north of the county with wonderful woodlands to the south and the sheltered waters of the Shannon Estuary to the north. It is the gateway to the magical and enthralling North Kerry countryside. It lies on the N69 coast road that runs along the estuary from Limerick before turning inland at Tarbert towards Listowel. Surrounded by native woodlands, Tarbert commands splendid views of the Shannon estuary. An ideal location for country pursuits, golfing and maritime activities, its mercantile and military strategic value on the North Atlantic routes has over the past 1000 years been appreciated by Celts, Vikings, Normans, French, American and British navies. During World War II, its importance was emphasized when Fort Shannon, the first artillery base to be built in independent Ireland, was constructed at Ardmore about  2.5 miles northwest of the town. Tarbert's fascinating heritage and culture, its hospitality services, easy access to recreation and its ideal location for visiting the Shannon Estuary make it a refreshing tourist destination.


Tarbert Bridewell Courthouse and Jail, 

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Tarbert Bridewell 

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