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Home of Thomas MacGreevy 1897-1967

 This was the childhood home of Tarbert's most distinguished man of letters, Thomas MacGreevy. Wounded at the Somme during World War I, he later graduated from Trinity College Dublin and became a noteworthy figure and poet in the modernist movement in Paris, London and Dublin where he lectured and published on Art and Literature. He was a close friend of Jack B. Yeats and James Joyce and he was executor of the latter's will. Samuel Beckett acknowledged MacGreevy's friendly mentorship  during his early years in Paris and he regarded him as the founding father of Irish Modernism. In 1950 MacGreevey became Director of the National Gallery of Ireland. Before his death he had been hounoured by France and Italy with their highest distinctions for his contributions to culture. In Tarbert Bridewell Courthouse and Jail, there is an exhibition room featuring the life and works of MacGreevey.