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The Songs of Thade Gouran. Plaque erected to the memory of Ballad Maker, Thade Gouran on the wall of Duagh Family Centre. North Kerry. The Songs of Thade Gouran.

The Boys of Sweet Duagh by Thade Gowran

Oh sad mournful, is the tale that I am forced to tell

From Ballheigue to Abbeyfeale we'll mourn there loss as well

Where are the men who raised the flag when freedom's sword did draw

Who trampled down the English flag, the boys of sweet Duagh.

When Kerryman from far and near attended the Brosna raid,

They were the first to appear and started the blockade,

With motor car prepare for war with hatchet rope and saw

They first came on to lead the van, the boys of sweet Duagh.

Sad was their fate I must relate no danger did they fear

In youth and bloom they met their doom the solderies ambush near.

No friendly voice no warning sound advised them to withdraw,

The Saxon bayonets did surround our boys of sweet Duagh.

Surrounded by the Khakie clan, what could our fenians do.

I'm proud to say one Kerryman from the soldiers did break through

We warned the company in the rear and told them what he saw

He saved his comrades then and the there the boy from sweet Duagh.

McMahon brave, Fitzgerald true and Relihan also,

Mulcaire and Stack, brave heroes too were captured by the foe.

And Jimmy Joy that noble boy who broke the English law,

They died to see their country free those boys of sweet Duagh.

The car drove on, their leaders gone what rescue could they make,

The volunteers then did retreat, their hearts were fit to break.

The boys were trapped the raid was stopped the forces did withdraw

"Twas hard to face their native place the boys of sweet Duagh.

In wormwoodscrubs with labour hard two years to remain

But England's power is dead and gone we will have them back again.

God bless our men in jail within the bravest Ireland saw

So may we see old Ireland free and the boys of sweet Duagh.


"Knocknagoshel Then and Now, Nov.10, 1993"

Book and CD of "The Songs of Thade Gouran." Published 2007.