Kerry Volunteer Centre

7 Maine Street, Tralee
Tel.: +353 (0) 66 7117966
Kerry Volunteer Centre 7 Maine Street, Tralee.

Kerry Volunteer Centre believes that in order for volunteering to thrive in Kerry and Ireland:

- everyone who wants to volunteer should have the opportunity to do so. 

- volunteers need to be appropriately managed and celebrated.

- The support needs of Volunteer Involving Organisations needs to recognised and met locally.

- the social, cultural and economic contribution of volunteering needs to be measured.

- the impact of volunteering in Ireland must be recorded in order to be valued.

Driven by these core beliefs, the Kerry Volunteer Centre has been at the forefront of developments to advance, strengthen and support volunteers. We do not let the smallness of our team, the littleness of our funding  nor the enormity of any challenge deter us from doing what is needed and is best for volunteering in Kerry.

Our Services and Supports

For individuals who wish to volunteer

- One to one advice on how to become a volunteer.

- Information on volunteer opportunities.

- Brokerage to enable commencement of volunteer placement.

- Follow up support once volunteering has started.

For non-profit organisations

- Recruitment of volunteers for volunteer involving organisations

- Marketing of volunteering, local community events and voluntary groups

- Consultancy service on Charities Act and Governance Code

- Membership of Kerry Volunteer Managers Network

- Garda Vetting for community and voluntary groups

- Volunteer management training

- Custom training and mentoring sessions

- Presentations to community groups on volunteering

As a development and support organisation for volunteering we understand the needs of our services users, we recognise that our services must be useful, relevant and locally accessible. We take pride in meeting the needs of services users. Everyone at Kerry Volunteer Centre considers it a privilege to work with and for Kerry's volunteers, community and voluntary groups.


We'd love to hear from you!

Kerry Volunteer Centre
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