Caves in Kerry

Kerry has a lot of hidden gems, some of these have been lying underground, untouched and unseen for over thousands and thousands of years. These astonishing caverns of stalagmites and stalactites were formed over 1 million years ago, when water eroded limestone areas into mazes of carved tunnels and chambers. The water eventually dried up and this left behind deposits of sand and gravel. Water also dripped its way into these caves and left behind crystals, forming many celestial features and naturally sculpted formations.

A visit to any cave system makes you wonder at the sheer majesty of nature. Whilst above ground, Kerry inspires with such magnificent natural vistas, a visit underground allows you to marvel at how this wonderful county and country was formed. Travel back in time and experience the grandeur of one of Kerry’s true hidden gems.

Crag Cave
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Crag Cave

Crag , Castleisland. Tel.: +353 (0) 66 7141244

Crag Cave is a magical wonderland of stalagmites and stalatites. It was discovered in 1983 & thought to be over one millon years old - older than man kind! It is one of the...

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