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The Black Village
Cashen, Ballyduff. ©Noel O' Connor Welcome to Ballyduff. ©Noel O' Connor Harvesting, Rattoo Round Tower, Ballyduff. ©Noel O' Connor

Cead Míle Fáilte to Ballyduff or in Irish "An Baile Dubh", meaning  the "black village". Ballyduff village is just a short drive from Listowel and is on the R551 between Ballyheigue and Ballybunion. Ballyduff is situated on the hills above Cashen Bay where the River Feale flows into the sea near the estuary of the River Shannon.

Here one can visit:

Rattoo Heritage Museum: The museum contains local archaeological finds covering the history of the area in all ages, including the Bronze and Stone Age.

The Rattoo Round Tower: The tower stands on the grounds of an ancient monastery. The round tower dates back to the 10th century. It is thought to have been founded by Bishop Lughach, one of the first Christian evangelists in County Kerry. It is  well preserved and features unique moulding with a curvilinear design. It features a fascinating sheela-na-gig, an ugly, explicit carving used as a protective symbol. It is the only example found in an Irish round tower.

The Round Tower was also used as a bell tower and doubled as a place of refuge for the monks during times of attack. The entrance is several feet above the ground. The ruins of a 15th century church mark the spot where an earlier abbey, founded in 1200AD and taken over by the Augustinian order after two years, was burnt to the ground in the 1600s.

The tower is 28m high, with a base circumference of 15m. This is the only complete round tower in Kerry. In the mid-19th century, the tower sat on a raised earth in what was then a swamp. The swamp was drained and removed in the late 19th century so the fields could be cultivated.

On 1 November 1920, the Black and Tans shot local man, John Houlihan,  and burned the creamery to the ground. Canon William Ferris, the author of "The Gaelic Commonwealth" and many other works also came from Ballyduff.


News & events in Ballyduff

News & events in Ballyduff

Date: October 2017
Destination: Ballyduff
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NEWS FROM BUDS: Reminder men's breakfast club every Friday morning 10.00am -11.30am Full Irish Breakfast and...

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