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The Knot in the Ring of Kerry
Rossdoohan Pier at night, South Kerry. ©Mary Declan O'Neill Village Pub in Sneem. ©Martin O'Grady Sneem Church, South Kerry. ©Mary Declan O'Neill

Sneem means "a knot" in Irish, today referred to as "The Knot in the Ring" ( of Kerry ). The town is set at the head of the Sneem estuary between Kenmare and Waterville. When the town was formed is not clear but there was reference to it on a map from 1756. Today Sneem is a peaceful and romantic little village offering visitors unspoilt nature, fishing, a sheltered harbour at Oysterbed Pier and Parknasilla golf course. The town won the National Tidy Towns Award in 1987 and in 1997 the National Landscape Award. In 2003 " The Garden of the Senses " was completed.

Gaily painted houses and shops surround the beautiful landscaped greens. Few villages are surrounded by the same rugged beauty as the picturesque village of Sneem which is neatly set on the shores of Kenmare bay and on the estuary of the Ardsheelaun River. The village is also home to a sculpture park featuring international works by a variety of artists such as Vivienne Roche, Alan Hall, Tamara Rikman and a panda sculpture donated by the Peoples Republic of China can be seen on various locations. " The Risen Christ " by Brother Joseph McNally is located on the grounds of St.Michael's Church and the goddess ISSES donated by the people of Egypt stands at " The Way The Fairies Went".

Culture, sense of place and traditions are what make an area unique. No where is this more evident than in the Kerry Geopark area, where there is a respect for a way of life that has been handed down from previous generations be it through the spoken and written word, art, music and sport. At its very essence, Kerry Geopark is about promoting, celebrating and upholding such traditions. The landscape, the history and the culture that exist within the Kerry Geopark have combined to create a rich storehouse of features to be explored. Pop into their office on the south square in Sneem and find out about the diverse range of activities, attractions, festivals and events throughout the year - all of which highlight the unique geological, historical and cultural traditions of the region.




Sneem Walking Club

Sneem Walking Club

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